Premier Physic Metrologie

Premier Physic Metrologie (PPM) has been providing calibration and metrology solution in the Philippines for almost a decade to a diverse group of customers and strategic partners coming from the academe, beverage, food, government, medical, pharmaceutical, research organization, oil and gas.

Our system has been audited and validated by top companies nationwide to ensure capability, competence and traceability of our measurement results.

Quality Policy

Premier Physic Metrologie (PPM) is committed to providing our customer with exceptional equiptment calibration services that continously exceed our customer's expectations and consistenly meet the international standards. PPM adheres to the quality policies and principles of ISO/IEC 17025. PPM is to be the innovative leader in the Philippine metrology providing services that are fulfilled to the highest professional standards, cost effective and are accomplished on time.

Service Offered

  • Calibration of various test and measuring instruments
  • Consultancy and technical assistance in metrology
  • Training and workshops related to metrology and calibration
  • Sales of calibrated test and measuring instruments and standards
  • Repair and fabrication of test and measuring instruments

PPM, an acredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration laboratory, has built a reputation for providing quality and innovative calibration services to customers We keep ourselved updated with the necessary standards and equiptment, knowledge and skills in metrology and quality systems.

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